• Altar Servers assist the Presider at the celebration of Masses and other Liturgical services. Contact Kerry Edwards via email or (818) 674-1110

    Altar Society members clean the altar linens used for Mass. Contact Catherine Ghaffari (818) 340-2570.

    Church Environment Team provides for Church decorations according to the various Liturgical Seasons and special Masses. Contact Kerry Edwards via email or (818) 674-1110.
    Eucharistic Ministers distribute Holy Communion on Sunday, Holy Day, and Weekday Masses. Contact Kerry Edwards via email or (818) 674-1110

    Greeters welcome worshippers before and after Mass, welcome visitors and new parishioners at the welcome table in the vestibule of the church or in the auditorium, encouraging individuals to sign up to learn more about our parish. Contact Margherita Aufmuth (818) 222-1303


    Lectors proclaim the Readings and the Intercessions on Sunday, Holy Day, and Weekday Masses. Contact Cindy Pardi via email or (818) 346-6257


    Liturgy Committee plans for and coordinates all liturgical matters throughout the Liturgical Years. Contact Kerry Edwards via email or (818) 674-1110

    Multi-media ministers direct the audio/visual components of Masses as needed. Contact Francesco Alleruzzo via email or (818) 340-6020 ext 1028

    Music Ministry offers you an opportunity to get involved at one of our Masses and share your passion for music with others! All levels of singers and instrumentalists are invited to join! Contact Francesco Alleruzzo via email or (818) 340-6020 ext 1028

    Sacristans prepare the sacred vessels, hosts, and altar wine before each Mass and store the vessels in the sacristy afterwards. Contact Kerry Edwards via email or (818) 674-1110


    Ushers welcome worshippers to Mass, take up the Offertory collections, assist in directing people at Holy Communion and distribute bulletins at the end of Mass. Contact Bob Aufmuth (818) 222-1303.