School Lunch Services That Improve Kids' Nutrition!


    What’s the key to living a long and happy life? The answer lies in the right balance of eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.


    At Atmosphere Catering, we work with parents and school administrators to deliver nutritious and tasty foods to students. We believe the earlier the child starts eating balanced, healthy meals, the more successful they’ll be in developing a healthy lifestyle. We are a family-owned local company who believe in serving tasty, healthier food. Our kids are our future!


    Additionally, Atmosphere Catering offers a waste-free monthly membership so that your child’s lunch will be 99% waste-free every day!  With this program, we will serve lunch in BPA-free reusable containers with reusable utensils; then we pick up the used items and bring them in for daily sanitation. 


    Eco-friendly.….Healthier and tasty…..We welcome you to…..