• HOMEWORK CLUB will open Monday, September 16th. Our goal is to help

    parents, teachers, and students with nightly homework. We hope that your child

    follows the lead toward independence and goal oriented study skills. If you have

    not joined us before, here’s how it works:


    What is it? Teacher supervised study/homework session. St. Mel teachers will

    provide group assistance with homework or subject related skill building. They

    will facilitate independent work, peer study groups, and cooperative work.

    Emphasis will be on study skills, organization, and subject reinforcement.

    Where? HOMEWORK CLUB will be held in the school library where

    students will have the opportunity to use computers and the library for research



    When? Mondays-Thursdays 3:15-4:30pm. Please make special note that if

    you arrive after 4:30pm to pick up your child, he/she will be taken to after school

    care and you will be charged a fee. Also, please check your weekly family

    bulletin for days that we do not meet due to holidays or special school events.


    How to join? Send the request form for coupons to school in an envelope

    along with a check made out to St. Mel School. Mark your child’s name, room

    number, and the number of coupons desired at $15.00 per session. You may

    refill an order for more coupons any time in the school office, at HW Club, or with

    Mrs. Spino (4B). Students must have coupon on the day they

    attend HOMEWORK CLUB.


    **IMPORTANT REMINDER: After not having two coupons (two

    non-paid sessions) the student will not be able to attend HW Club and will

    be sent to After School Care. The IOU’s will have to be paid before the

    student will be able to attend HW Club again. We recommend that pre-paid

    coupons be held by the teachers in HW Club for safe keeping!


    Click HERE to download the form for Homework Club.