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  • Welcome Back to School!!!!


    We are so excited to get working on our iPads again and we need your help.  Once again, we will be using AirWatch as our Mobile Device Management System.  Each device distributed by St. Mel School is enrolled into AirWatch where it is put into a group based on graduation year.  That group is then assigned to a grade level where it receives apps as needed.  


    The teachers in each grade level decide what apps they will be using for the school year.  Teachers can have apps added throughout the year and even taken away as needed.  This is where we need your help!  


    Oftentimes, in order to download an app from the “catalog” (put on by AirWatch) we will need your child’s Apple ID and password.  On the attached page, please provide the Apple ID and password.   Please be sure to read the given information.  


    Only one Apple ID and password can be used throughout the entire school year with AirWatch in order to receive the necessary apps. Each child in your family needs a separate Apple ID.  The Apple ID they used with AirWatch last school year has already been registered with the system and needs to be used again in order to receive all the necessary apps.  If this is not possible, you must contact Mrs. Eyer at meyer@stmel.org.  


    As previously mentioned, there is the possibility of Applications being removed from the iPad throughout the year.  We will do our best to give fair warning, but in the event that something doesn't go as planned, it is very important to remind our students to save any work.  Throughout the school year, we will continue to share best practices for backing up work through a variety of options including, Google Drive, iCloud, email, Dropbox, and iTunes U. 


    AirWatch not only distributes apps to students, it also has the capability to lock down devices, send notifications for inappropriate use, and to completely wipe a device.  This is a reminder, that school issued iPads are intended for school purposes only.  Please be mindful of what your children are accessing on their devices.   Any inappropriate use will result in the loss of an iPad.  


    We thank your for your continued support and we are looking forward to a very productive year!




    Mrs. Lutz & Mrs. Eyer

  • Broken iPad?

    If your iPad has been damaged or lost, you must send an email to Mrs. Eyer at meyer@stmel.org.  Mrs. Eyer will take care of replacing a damaged iPad either through Apple Care or Insurance.  Please remember, there are situations where Apple Care or Insurance will not cover a broken iPad.   If abuse of an iPad has been determined or an iPad has been lost, you will be responsible for the replacement of the iPad.
    If possible, please back your iPad up, and email yourself any school work/project you are currently working on before you bring your iPad to Mrs. Eyer.  There is a $50 fee to have your iPad repaired.  Please make a check payable to St. Mel School. Your iPad must be paid for before you receive a new iPad. 
    Click on the link to the right for additional information.  
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  • About Our Program

    St Mel School is currently in our seventh year of a One-to-One computing program for grades K-8.  Each of our students has been assigned an iPad for their use at school.  We have had great success over the last few years, enhancing our lessons and learning through the use of this technology.  Through the iPad program we will continue to enrich, support, and challenge our students in all subject areas and across all grade levels.  The learning experiences our students receive through the iPad program affords them a diverse and engaging learning environment.  We recognize that our students' futures require their ability to communicate, collaborate, and construct meaningful work using the digital tools of the 21st century, and our goal is assist them in this process by providing them with access to current technology.

    All Required Apps for the 2018-2019 School Year will be automatically pushed to the student devices.
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